2014 Dana Crawford Award

2014 Dana Crawford Award Honoree

On May 14, 2014, Colorado Preservation, Inc. honored Ann Alexander Pritzlaff for her passion, dedication and enthusiasm for the preservation movement and her nearly 40 years of achievement in historic preservation.

Dana Crawford Award 2014: Ann Alexander Pritzlaff from Havey Productions on Vimeo.

For four decades, Ann Alexander Pritzlaff has been a national leader in the field of historic preservation. With an M.S. in Historic Preservation from the University of Vermont, Ms. Pritzlaff has dedicated her career to preserving historic structures and landscapes, creating educational programs for youth, helping to instigate Colorado’s statewide heritage tourism program, and coordinating state and national preservation policy actions.

Locally, career highlights include serving as State Historic Preservation Officer in Arizona, and appointments by Colorado Governor Bill Owens, Governor Bill Ritter and Governor John Hickenlooper to the State Historic Preservation Review Board. On a national level, Ms. Pritzlaff was appointed by President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama to serve as an Historic Preservation Expert on the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, where she also served as chair of the Preservation Initiatives Committee and on the Executive Committee. Ann currently lends her leadership as a board member of History Colorado where she chairs the Archaeology and Historic Preservation Committee and the State Preservation Plan Committee and serves as a member of the Executive Committee.

In addition to her leadership appointments, Ann is known for her grassroots work, successfully incubating preservation programs including the Preserve America Initiative, the Preserve America Youth Summits, HistoriCorps™, Volunteers in Preservation™, and Hands On Preservation Experience, HOPE™. Ms. Pritzlaff is also a Founder of Colorado Preservation, Inc., and the Saving Places Conference, an event widely recognized as the leading statewide historic preservation conference in the nation. From the San Luis Valley to the Eastern Plains, Ann is advocating for historic preservation in a way that makes tremendous sense for our time.

“If you look at Colorado’s landscape, so many different opportunities exists and Ann has been one of those people who has really focused attention on both the metropolitan and also the rural and regional areas where attention needed to be brought” says longtime friend and colleague Ed Nichols, President and CEO of History Colorado and State Historic Preservation Officer. “Looking at southeastern Colorado…and northwestern Colorado where the voice might not be as strong locally, Ann gets involved and the voice gets louder.”

Former Colorado Governor Bill Owens remarked “When you think about downtown Denver and you think about revitalization of what we’ve come to enjoy all through downtown Denver, you really think about Dana Crawford and so it’s in that spirit that we’re honoring Ann Pritzlaff tonight…They are both selfless, they have both done so much for our community and for our state and so I think Ann is the prefect recipient to keep that Dana Crawford ethos alive.” Congratulations, Ann, on this momentous occasion!

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