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Historic Schools Survey in Colorado

The goal of this project is to demonstrate to Colorado’s school districts that historic schools can be rehabbed to meet today’s standards, save capital costs, provide economic efficiencies through their locations in walkable neighborhoods, and be a source of pride to the district, students, and community. The objectives of this project are to:

  • Encourage schools to consider the intrinsic
    cultural value of historic schools and the unique
    character of historic architectural design when analyzing their facilities. Show how historic schools are an anchor for historic neighborhoods and house not only an educational facility, but lifetimes of memories for multiple generations
  • Highlight successful historic school rehab projects, featuring those receiving grants from the State Historical Fund. These projects can serve to encourage others to investigate continued use of an existing facility when upgrades are needed as well as demonstrate that demolition is not the only alternative if continued use as a school is not deemed viable

What it includes:

  • Compile an inventory of all school buildings in the state owned by school districts with construction dates and photographs
  • Complete reconnaissance-level survey forms for all schools more than 50 years old
  • Produce a DVD highlighting successful school rehab projects across the state in order to share strategies and information about rehabilitating historic schools
  • Distribute publications from the Council of Educational Facility Planner International to school districts : A Primer for the Renovation/ Rehabilitation of Older and Historic Schools, Schools for Successful Communities: an Element of Smart Growth, an Appraisal Guide for Older and Historic School Facilities


  • State Historical Fund
  • Donnell Kay Foundation

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