Endangered Places Program Nomination Form

Nominations Open for 2023 Endangered Places Program Listing!

EPP 25thKnow of a threatened or endangered historic site, place or resource in your community? If so, please consider nominating it to Colorado’s Most Endangered Places for listing in 2023. 

CPI has worked with Coloradans for 25 years now to identify, preserve and save endangered historic sites in 77% of Colorado’s counties and in 75 unique communities since the program began in 1998. Nominations are officially open and can be filled out for CPI’s consideration website or accessed by contacting Kim Grant at kgrant@coloradopreservation.org

Once received, nominations will be assigned to reviewers who will contact site representatives and visit the community to learn more about the threats to the resource in question. Threats to historic resources can range from development pressures, abandonment, neglect, natural disasters, lack of appreciation or resources for preservation, and other factors. In reviewing nominations, CPI considers the urgency of the threat, level of community support, resource significance and location as well as resource needs and the unique definition of what a “save” would be for the resource if listed.

Currently, Colorado’s Most Endangered Places includes 130 diverse historic resources of all types from across the state; 54 of which have been saved, 47 of which are in process, with 22 on alert status and only seven that have been lost.  EPP listing is often the catalyst for resources to advance from threatened to successful preservation projects, so reach out now to begin the process! 

The deadline for receipt of nominations is Monday, August 22, 2022, at 4pm.

Questions on the nomination process?  Contact Kim Grant, kgrant@coloradopreservation.org or 303.893.4260 x 222