Crossan’s Market

IMG_8818smBuilt in 1903, Crossan’s Market is an excellent and intact example of a small town mercantile building that stands as evidence to the development of Yampa and the surrounding agricultural economy. Closed in the mid-1960s after a competing merchant purchased the business and building, Crossan’s Market is a time capsule to an earlier time. Shelves stocked with merchandise from the 1960s are still present and calendars on the wall still hang open to 1964. The building has been owned by the City of Yampa since late 2006.

Unfortunately, regular building maintenance also largely ended in the 1960s. A recent HSA identified more than a dozen critical and serious deficiencies, perhaps most importantly a failed foundation that is causing the building to shift and fall. The Friends of the Crossan’s M&A Market are a dedicated group of local volunteers that have spent more than 500 hours cleaning, researching and stabilizing the building, but with an extreme climate and the limited financial resources of a town of 500 people, the building desperately needs additional help.

Listed as one of Colorado’s Most Endangered Places in 2012, The Friends of Crossan’s M & A Market and Historic Routt County have pushed hard to start stabilizing and rehabilitating the structure. After securing a grant with the State Historical Fund, the building is now beginning its new life. As a part of this first phase a non-historic shed addition has been demolished, and the new perimeter for a new foundation has been excavated. Crossan’s is currently lifted off the ground in preparation for a new foundation, originally it sat on a few wooden beams, which have since either rotted into the earth or become unstable.

In the next year we can expect to see the concrete work for the foundation completed along with a rehabbed first floor at the main level. What once began as a volunteer project has now blossomed into a full fledge rehabilitation project. The love for this building is evident, and provides the perfect example of how much power can come from a community!

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