HistoriCorps is a preservation initiative modeled after community service programs such as the Civilian Conservation Corps and AmeriCorps. Through a partnership formed by Colorado Preservation, Inc., the United States Forest Service, and Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, HistoriCorps works to increase the capacity to achieve preservation projects while teaching preservation maintenance and traditional building skills, advancing sustainable technology for historic buildings, and creating jobs for young adults.

To learn more about the mission of HistoriCorps, visit the HistoriCorps website at www.historicorps.org.

In only the first year, HistoriCorps completed thirteen projects in four states (including Alaska!), repaired and rehabilitated thirty-nine buildings, and partnered with twenty-one organizations and agencies.

HistoriCorps is currently organizing several exciting projects on public lands to be completed during the summer of 2011. For our second field season, HistoriCorps will be completing projects in Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming. To learn more about upcoming projects visit the HistoriCorps’ project page.

Contact info@historicorps.org to learn how YOU can get involved in these important projects!