Glen Isle Lodge Rehabilitation


Bailey, CO

Date of Construction



Glen Isle, a rustic resort hotel on the banks of the North Fork of the South Platte River just outside Bailey, is one of the last remaining turn of the 20th century resort hotels in the popular South Platte Canyon west of Denver. The lodge was originally constructed in 1901 as part of real estate promotion and tourism development by the Colorado & Southern Railroad. The lodge has been operated and maintained by the Tripp family since 1923 and they are dedicated to preserving it. The site continues to operate as a resort with all lodging restricted to the cabins located on the property. A gift shop and guest registration is located on the first floor of the Lodge.

Project Description

A thorough historic structure assessment (HSA) for the 1901 Glen Isle Lodge detailing the condition of all structural elements, building materials, finishes, and systems was completed in March 2008. The report prioritized items for repair, restoration and/or rehabilitation in order to maintain the current and historic use of the structure as a lodge and resort – the most pressing rehabilitation need was replacement of the roof. With help from a grant administered by Colorado Preservation, Inc. from the State Historical Fund, the Tripp family was able to get the funding needed to rehabilitate the roof. In 2009 a new asphalt-shingle roof to mimic cedar shingles, new fascia boards, and gutters and downspouts were installed. The Tripp family no longer has to put out buckets to collect rain or snowmelt anymore. Not only does the new roof relieve the family of constant worry over the leaks, but it also helps to preserve the Lodge for many more years to come.

Project Team

The HSA was financed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the Tripp family, and the State Historical Fund; the roof rehabilitation was funded by the State Historical Fund, Park County, and Tripp family.