Foxton Post Office


Year Listed: 2002
County: Jefferson County
Construction Date: 1909
Threat When Listed: Demolition by Neglect – Vacant
Status: ALERT



A local landmark in North Fork National Historic District, the Post Office was established in 1909, and also served as a train depot until 1927. Located near the Colorado Trail, over 300,000 visitors pass by this log structure, which is the last remaining post office building in the valley, and one of the few log-constructed post offices in the state. 

CPI engaged with Denver Water, who owns the building, and allowed a weekend workshop hosted by CPI in partnership with Historicorps to mothball the site. CPI also met with Jefferson County Historical Commission to re-engage efforts to preserve the North Fork National Historic District. Discussions with Denver Water will need to continue to come up with a long-term plan for a new use proposal and new use drawings. The community is very supportive of preservation as efforts at the site continue to progress!

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