New Deal in Eastern Colorado Multiple Property Submission

A Multiple Property Submission is a format for listing a group of related resources to the National Register of Historic Places. This Multiple Property Document is organized around the built resources that resulted from numerous federal New Deal programs in eastern Colorado. It provides a history of the New Deal in Colorado as well as an overview of the types and styles of projects built under the various New Deal programs (1933-1943).

Within the New Deal in Eastern Colorado MPDF you will find historical historical background on Eastern Colorado during the Great Depression, an overview of the work of the New Deal programs in Eastern Colorado, the types of projects completed in Eastern Colorado, how to determine if a New Deal Resource is eligible for listing in the National Register, and a list of New Deal reference sources.

National Register Nominations

7D School

Villegreen vicinity, Las AnimasCounty

Adobe Stables

Rokcy Ford, Otero County