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For four decades, Colorado Preservation, Inc. (CPI) has been at the forefront of safeguarding our state’s rich heritage and cultural treasures. We invite you to join us as a member or level-up your current membership to further strengthen our mission and impact.

Over the past 40 years, CPI has tirelessly pursued its commitment to high-quality programming and preservation services, leaving no corner of Colorado untouched by our efforts. From the majestic peaks to the sprawling plains, our passion for preservation has touched communities far and wide. Together, we have preserved historical sites, restored architectural wonders, and ignited a sense of pride in our shared heritage.

As a member of CPI, you become an integral part of this legacy of preservation. Your support fuels our ability to continue this essential work, ensuring that future generations will be able to connect with the stories, landmarks, and traditions that define Colorado’s unique identity. Your partnership empowers us to take on new challenges, launch innovative initiatives, and respond to emerging preservation needs across the state.

By joining or level-up your membership, you not only invest in the physical preservation of our state’s landmarks but also contribute to the preservation of intangible treasures: the memories, the traditions, and the sense of belonging that binds us all. Together, we are the guardians of Colorado’s past and the architects of its future.

In recognition of your invaluable support, as a CPI member, you will enjoy a range of exclusive benefits. From insider access to our events and programs to special recognition in our publications, your commitment will be celebrated and cherished.

Remember, preservation is not just about the past; it’s about crafting a meaningful future. Every dollar contributed and every membership taken up strengthens the foundation on which we build a vibrant and thriving community for generations to come.

Join us now and become a driving force behind the preservation of Colorado’s history and culture. Together, we can ensure that our four corners remain a testament to our shared heritage and an inspiration for all.

Membership Benefits

  • Recognition that your donation provides critical help in preserving threatened historic places statewide
  • Discounted registration to Colorado Preservation, Inc.’s Saving Places Conference
  • Invitations and discounts to events, tours, and celebrations including the annual Dana Crawford and State Honor Awards Celebration
  • Advocacy alerts about Colorado’s current preservation issues
  • Monthly E-newsletters from Colorado Preservation, Inc.

Please consider paying for your membership in a monthly installment! Click on the “Monthly Donation” radio button and enter the monthly amount in the custom giving field. Below are the amounts that correspond with each membership.

Individual Member – Monthly installment is $5 per month

Family Member – Monthly installment is $7 per month

Non-Profit/CLG Member – Monthly installment is $13 per month

Small Business Member – Monthly installment is $21 per month

Corporate Member – Monthly installment is $42 per month

President Circle Member – Monthly installment is $84 per month

Membership Form

If you’d rather pay with cash or a check, mail your membership donation to: Colorado Preservation, Inc.
1420 Ogden Street, Suite 103
Denver, CO 80218

with “Membership Donation” in the memo line.


Feel free to email our team or call us at 303-893-4260 with any questions about our membership program, or other ways that you can support Colorado Preservation Inc.’s mission.

Thank You for Your Support!

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Featured Project

Preservation for a Changing Colorado

Historic preservation has a direct economic benefit to communities and Colorado! Take a look at the 2017 study, which considered the ways adaption of historic places has a direct financial effect on the state.

This updated, most resent study, was the result of a partnership between Colorado Preservation, Inc and History Colorado, funded by a grant from History Colorado's State Historical Fund. Prepared by Clarion Associates, the new report document the economic benefits of rehabilitation projects, analyzes property values and neighborhood stability in local historic districts, and summarizes the increasing impact of heritage tourism, private preservation development and the success of Colorado’s Main Street program.

In a key finding, researchers determined that for every $1 million spent on historic preservation in Colorado it produced $1.03 million in additional spending, 14 new jobs, and $636,700 in increased household incomes across the state!

The 2017 report also considers the important role preservation plays in helping Coloradans provide new spaces for creative communities and co-working, create and sustain meaningful places, responds to the state’s changing demographics, and addresses climate concerns.

Click Here to see download and read the full report, "Preservation for a Changing Colorado".