Past Saving Places Conferences

Every year, CPI selects a conference theme based on the Colorado State Historic Preservation Plan. Themes are utilized to unify focus and effort. Past themes (and conference programs) include:

2023: Closer to the Heart (upcoming!)
2022: Perspectives in Preservation
2021: Preservation in Action
2020: A Focus on the Future
2019: The Next Generation of Preservation: A Call to Action
2018: The Power of Places: From the Mountains to the Plains
2017: Preservation for a Changing Colorado
2016: Past. Present. Future.
2015: Advancing Preservation Practices
2014: Preservation in Plain Sight: Developing a Community Vision
2013: The Language of Preservation: Building a Relevant Message for the 21st Century
2012: The Power of Heritage and Place
2011: Exploring the Benefits of Preservation
2010: Preservation – the Foundation of Sustainability
2009: Expanding Preservation Coalitions
2008: Promoting Colorado’s Heritage
2007: Planning, Growth, and Preservation
2006: Building on the Past
2005: Bringing Preservation Home
2004: The Business of Preservation
2003: Preserving Western Heritage
2002: Preserving Public Places
2001: Preserving Diverse Cultural Heritage
2000: Preservation Partnerships for a New Century
1999: Creative Solutions & Case Studies for Historic Preservation
1998: Preservation Strategies