Past Saving Places Conferences

Every year, CPI selects a conference theme based on the Colorado State Historic Preservation Plan. Themes are utilized to unify focus and effort. Past themes (and conference programs) include:

2023: Closer to the Heart (upcoming!)
2022: Perspectives in Preservation
2021: Preservation in Action
2020: A Focus on the Future
2019: The Next Generation of Preservation: A Call to Action
2018: The Power of Places: From the Mountains to the Plains
2017: Preservation for a Changing Colorado
2016: Past. Present. Future.
2015: Advancing Preservation Practices
2014: Preservation in Plain Sight: Developing a Community Vision
2013: The Language of Preservation: Building a Relevant Message for the 21st Century
2012: The Power of Heritage and Place
2011: Exploring the Benefits of Preservation
2010: Preservation – the Foundation of Sustainability
2009: Expanding Preservation Coalitions
2008: Promoting Colorado’s Heritage
2007: Planning, Growth, and Preservation
2006: Building on the Past
2005: Bringing Preservation Home
2004: The Business of Preservation
2003: Preserving Western Heritage
2002: Preserving Public Places
2001: Preserving Diverse Cultural Heritage
2000: Preservation Partnerships for a New Century
1999: Creative Solutions & Case Studies for Historic Preservation
1998: Preservation Strategies

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Featured Project

Preservation for a Changing Colorado

Historic preservation has a direct economic benefit to communities and Colorado! Take a look at the 2017 study, which considered the ways adaption of historic places has a direct financial effect on the state.

This updated, most resent study, was the result of a partnership between Colorado Preservation, Inc and History Colorado, funded by a grant from History Colorado's State Historical Fund. Prepared by Clarion Associates, the new report document the economic benefits of rehabilitation projects, analyzes property values and neighborhood stability in local historic districts, and summarizes the increasing impact of heritage tourism, private preservation development and the success of Colorado’s Main Street program.

In a key finding, researchers determined that for every $1 million spent on historic preservation in Colorado it produced $1.03 million in additional spending, 14 new jobs, and $636,700 in increased household incomes across the state!

The 2017 report also considers the important role preservation plays in helping Coloradans provide new spaces for creative communities and co-working, create and sustain meaningful places, responds to the state’s changing demographics, and addresses climate concerns.

Click Here to see download and read the full report, "Preservation for a Changing Colorado".