2022 Saving Places Recap

Saving Places®

2022 marked the 25th anniversary of Colorado Preservation, Inc.’s (CPI) Saving Places® Conference, a fitting year to reflect and reimagine what is offered under the Saving Places Conference banner. Incorporating feedback and evaluations from previous conference events, CPI in 2022 embraced a new hybrid structure for the conference that combines in-person, online, and On the Road training presented in the proposed location of San Luis, Colorado. At its core, the Saving Places® Conference provides critical training, networking, and educational opportunities to support the preservation community locally and nationwide.

The title of the 2022 conference was “Perspectives in Preservation,” with the overarching theme of bringing voices that have been lost, sidelined, or overlooked within the preservation community and beyond. The theme also covered the different interpretations of preservation, from cultural to landscape to physical building preservation. CPI explored different viewpoints on preservation to broaden the discussion as we look to the future of this important movement. Speakers and conference attendees discussed what preservation means to different communities and how this definition could or should be expanded.